Kayci Wilson joined North Caddo Medical Center in 2017. She joined forces with Dr. Nicole McCommon at Plain Dealing Medical and has enjoyed her time with the community, patients, and colleagues in Plain Dealing. However, she was recently offered a position in a different North Caddo Medical Center clinic, and according to Kayci, she couldn’t pass it up. Kayci explained to her patients in a letter that the offered position would be about five minutes from her home, cutting her commute time and putting her much closer to her family.

Because Kayci is moving locations but not companies, her patients can continue to see her with no records request or anything extra. Patients will only need to call 318-375-3239 when making an appointment. For patients who are either unable or are not interested in moving their care to a different location, Kayci is confident in the care her patients will continue to receive at Plain Dealing Medical with Dr. McCommon and Summer Robin, Nurse Practitioner. Summer has joined North Caddo Medical Center and will make Plain Dealing Medical her permanent home.

Summer Robbin has seven years of experience in internal medicine. She has treated patients in clinic and hospital settings with acute, chronic, and exacerbations of illnesses. Her works provided experience treating different disease processes in primary, secondary, and tertiary care settings. Working in internal medicine allowed Summer to provide primary care for her patients with preventative measures and follow them in the hospital if they were admitted. She worked closely with specialists when she admitted nephrology, cardiology, oncology, and orthopedic patients to the hospital for procedures, surgeries, chemotherapy, imitation of dialysis, and monitoring. She was the front-line provider for these patients.

 Plain Dealing Medical will miss Kayci but is excited to have Summer join their practice. North Caddo Medical Center and its Family Practice staff members are looking forward to the changes that will benefit their patients. Congratulations, Kayci and Summer!!

 Please see Kayci’s letter to her patients below.

Kayci Wilson, FNP-BC

Summer Robbin, FNP-BC

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