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Emergency Care for North Caddo Parish is on the Ballot in the December 10 Election


Renewal of Ambulance Millage

Imagine this: There is a medical emergency; you call 911 for help. You wait and wait but no one comes. That’s the very serious potential situation facing the residents of North Caddo Parish and the surrounding area.

Emergency care for our local area is included on the ballot in the upcoming election December 10. This very important issue provides funding for the ambulance service of North Caddo Medical Center. This is simply a renewal of the same millage which has been in affect for several years, but without it, the EMS service will be cut by over 50%.

In the 2015-2016 fiscal year, the audited cost report for North Caddo Medical Center’s EMS service showed an operating cost of $1,355,068. This included employee benefits, insurance, physical maintenance, utilities, and many more costs. Not only are these expenses essential, many are actually government regulated. The EMS service showed a charged revenue of $1,187,908 in that time frame, but only $396,960 was actually collected from Medicare, Medicade, commercial insurances, and self payers.

The NCMC hospital service district currently includes Vivian, Oil City, Rodessa, Mooringsport, Ida, Mira, Hosston, Gilliam, and Belcher. In 2016, the millage provided $420,661 toward the EMS services currently offered by North Caddo Medical Center. Without it, in coming years, the EMS service will be dramatically and drastically reduced.

In case of an emergency, time is critical, lives can change forever. It is vital that we keep and even work toward expanding the EMS services provided to such a huge area. The local men and women who serve the area as first responders in times of crisis ask for your support of this renewal, so they can continue to be available to serve you in your time of need.

Please vote yes to the Ambulance Service Millage Renewal on December 10. That vote could save your life.