Vivian Dental announces a significant transition period as they prepare to say goodbye to Dr. Jackson, who will be pursuing new opportunities in her career. Vivian Dental expresses their sincere gratitude for Dr. Jackson’s commitment to patient care during her time at the practice and wishes her the very best.

Dr. Jackson will continue to care for patients until August 11th, 2023. Appointments will continue as scheduled unless the patient is contacted directly by the Vivian Dental office.

As part of their commitment to providing exceptional care for all, Vivian Dental has already initiated the search for a new dentist to join the team. Vivian Dental is actively seeking a skilled and compassionate professional who shares their passion for dental health.

“We want to express our appreciation to all our patients for their continued trust and support throughout this time of change,” said David Jones, North Caddo Medical Center’s CEO. “As we welcome a new dentist to our team, we are working for a smooth transition while ensuring the highest standards of dental care.”

The search for a new dentist has begun, and Vivian Dental is committed to keeping patients informed throughout the process. Updates will be posted on their Facebook page and shared to their patients through their messaging system.

Vivian Dental looks forward to the opportunities that this transition period brings. The practice remains committed to help patients accomplish best dental health.


Vivian, LA.

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