Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, North Caddo Medical Center’s Family Practice Clinics are now offering telehealth to their established patients. The Medical Center has clinic sites in Vivian, Plain Dealing, and Benton. Each clinic will have recognized telehealth hours for patients to be scheduled. Providers will continue to see patients face to face in their clinics as well.

Telehealth will allow patients to speak with their provider over the phone, while in the safety of their home. The provider will determine the best treatment plan on each, separate medical situation. Patients who are sick, in need of prescription renewals, or have other health concerns may contact their Family Practice to schedule their telehealth appointment. Providers can see any of their patients however, Medicare patients must have access to FACETIME which is only accessible to iPhone users.

Dr. Jody Chance, Head of Family Medicine, met with administration and clinic staff this morning to best determine the most effective way to introduce the new service. Dr. Chance made the following statement – “What is most important to our providers is that we are able to care for our patients. We are all aware of the COVID-19 concerns and precautions, and we want to be able to treat patients while maintaining a safe environment for them. We believe telehealth will meet these needs and are looking forward to providing the service.”

Contact your Family Practice Clinic of North Caddo Medical Center and let us know if you would like an in person or telehealth appointment. Insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid, will be billed for telehealth services.

Vivian – 318-375-3239   |   Plain Dealing – 318-326-7272   |   Benton – 318-965-5017

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