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Dr. Stephen Taylor announced in a letter to his patients that he has accepted a new position at North Caddo Medical Center, and will pass the majority of his practice on to Dr. Catherine Sharpe. On July 9th Dr. Taylor will transition into a full-time emergency room practice. He is joining emergency department team members, Dr. John Woods and Dr. John Chandler. His letter reads,

“Dear Friends,

          After more than 30 years of family practice at our clinic in Vivian, I am accepting another position, here at North Caddo Medical Center.  Beginning July 9, 2018, I will transition into a full-time emergency room practice. For many years I have held board certification, in both fields, of family practice and emergency medicine. I have worked the emergency room over the years and have appreciated the opportunity to care for patients in times of their greatest need.

Family practice has always been a passion of mine, and it has been an honor to care for each of you and your family. Healthcare, from the beginning of life until the end, is something I have practiced, believed in, and taught to a multitude of students over the years. It has been a privilege to do what I love, in a community I love.

Dr. Catherine Sharpe will begin taking over the majority of my practice, July 9th. I will continue to have a very limited schedule in the clinic to see family practice patients. I have spent much time with Dr. Sharpe over her residency years. Her abilities as a physician give me confidence in leaving my patients in her care, and it is my belief that you will soon share the same appreciation for Dr. Sharpe.

This is a welcomed change in my life as it will fulfill my desire for a less intense schedule and more time with my family. I am looking forward to joining Dr. Woods and Dr. Chandler in their mission of providing healthcare when minutes matter. I appreciate the support I know you will give me during this time in my career just as you have in all the years past. “

Dr. Taylor came to Vivian in 1986 to serve patients of North Caddo in the clinic setting, as well as inpatient and emergency care. Dr. Taylor has committed countless hours to the health and betterment of the northern Caddo communities, including serving as Mayor for more than 10 years and being the co-creator of LSUS’s Rural Tract Residency Program at North Caddo Medical Center.

NCMC believes the addition of Dr. Taylor to their Emergency Department team will further their vision of emergency care in their rural setting. Comprehensive care is a priority for NCMC. Having their physician’s care for emergent patients will continue their unified care for patients of their medical center.

During this transition, North Caddo Medical Center welcomes Dr. Catherine Sharpe to their team of physicians. Dr. Sharpe has recently completed her rural medicine residency with Louisiana State University Health Science Center, based at NCMC, and will begin seeing patients on July 9th.

The physician’s last two years have been at North Caddo Medical Center where her interest grew for rural medicine, while she also fell in love with the people who NCMC serves.  Dr. Sharpe signed a contract in November of 2017 and celebrated her intent with the medical staff of NCMC, who is excited to have her on board. “It is always great when you have a student who you believe is not only the best but the right fit for your community. Dr. Sharpe is an exceptional addition to our medical staff and will only further the mission of our hospital. We are lucky to have her.” says Chief of Staff, Dr. John Woods.

Dr. Sharpe is board certified in Family Medicine and will open her practice at NCMC’s Medical & Surgical Clinic, in Vivian. She will treat patients from birth to end of life. Dr. Sharpe will also be taking over the women’s health practice for Dr. Stephen Taylor, which includes the delivery of babies at NCMC as well as gynecology health. When asked about Dr. Sharpe and her practice, Dr. Taylor said, “Dr. Sharpe is the unique combination of bright and enthusiastic young physician who learns quickly, works hard, and truly cares about her patients. I am thrilled that she has a similar interest and commitment to caring for our patients from cradle to grave. I am happy to pass on to her a tradition of comprehensive patient care.”

Dr. Sharpe is originally from Nova Scotia. Though she is familiar with the extreme cold, she loves the Louisiana weather. Dr. Sharpe completed her undergraduate, majoring in biology, on Academic Scholarship at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She went on to the Medical University of The Americas to complete her Medical Doctrine and is a recent graduate of LSUHSC Rural Family Medicine of Shreveport.

Dr. Sharpe’s leadership and dedication has been witnessed and appreciated by NCMC and their staff during her residency. Not only did she serve as the Chief Resident, but she also went the extra mile for her patients. It was not uncommon for Dr. Sharpe to come on her days off to participate in a delivery of a newborn or assist in surgery. “The nursing staff is beyond excited to have Dr. Sharpe as an attending physician here at NCMC. Her skill, knowledge, and compassion are exactly what nurses love seeing for their patients,” says Stacy Alexander, Director of Nursing.


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