3D/4D Ultrasound Bundles


___Heartbeat Bundle – $30 

This package is great for that first glance, or for moms (8 weeks to full term) who are experiencing pregnancy jitters. This ultrasound will show you movement and give you a listen to your baby’s heartbeat. This package includes a printed black and white picture. Session – 5 to 10 minutes

___2D Gender Bundle – $ 75

Gender reveal time!! Moms who are at least 14 weeks, this is for you! This package includes a 20-minute session, 5 printed black and white pictures and a USB with 10 images of your baby’s gender and setting. You will also hear the baby’s heartbeat. One reschedule is offered, for no additional cost, for babies who are being shy.

___3D/4D Play Bundle – $ 100

Do you want to see it all, sweet cheeks and toes? Moms who are between 26-32 weeks, see your sweet baby’s features, while still safe inside you. The session is 30 minutes and includes 10 black & white printed pictures and a USB with up to 20 color images (including clips in motion).  One reschedule is offered, for not additional cost, for babies who are being shy.


Printed B&W Pictures – $5 Each


Appointment & Payment Information

 Please call NCMC Admitting at 318-375-4035 to schedule your appointment. When scheduling your appointment, you will be asked for your credit card information to pay a $25 deposit. This deposit will be reimbursed if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment when NCMC is notified up to 24 hours in advance of your appointment date/time. 

Before your appointment… Don’t Forget!!

 Please drink a minimum of 24 ounces of water before your Ultrasound to improve image quality. Increased water consumption throughout your pregnancy will promote clear amniotic fluid and should increase the amount of fluid around the baby…and it’s great for your health! 

Eat a meal (be sure to include natural sugars) before your 3D/4D ultrasound.       This will promote activity during ultrasound.



  3D/4D Ultrasound Patient Form

Please complete and bring with you to appointment if you are able. 

 Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City: _____________________ State: ______________ Zip: __________________

Phone: ______________________________ Cell: __________________________

SSN: __________________________ Physician: ___________________________

Date of Birth: ____________________ Email: _____________________________

Emergency Contact: __________________________________________________



– This is an elective, non-diagnostic ultrasound. This procedure is the

patient’s choice and is not for diagnostic purposes. –