North Caddo Medical Center continues business amid the pandemic that has caused upset among the state and country. NCMC is still accepting patients (new and established) however, different procedures have been put into place to encourage safety for all who are cared for at their facilities.

Like all healthcare establishments, NCMC is screening patients and employees who enter their doors. Patients are screened by being asked appropriate questions about their symptoms and having their temperature taken. This allows NCMC to best follow new guidelines put into place which includes proper placement in the facility for individuals seeking care. Visitors have also been restricted as mandated by the Louisiana Department of Health.

The Family Practices of NCMC, like other services at NCMC, are still accepting face to face appointments with patients. Though COVID-19 is the diagnosis receiving the most attention across the nation, the majority of individuals are in need of care due to common concerns such as blood pressure issues, cholesterol, allergies, and other illnesses or injuries not related to the COVID. Telehealth visits are available for established patients of NCMC’s Family Practices.

Telehealth visits are medical visits over the phone with a physician or medical provider. NCMC’s Outpatient Rehabilitation services (Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapies) are also offering telehealth visits.  To determine which visit, face to face or telehealth, best suits each individual can be determined by contacting the specific NCMC department, or clinic, to be advised by their employees.

Emergency services are still open 24/7, as well as emergency transport. NCMC encourages those in need not to ignore symptoms or indicators which would typically have them seeking care from a health professional.

David Jones, CEO of NCMC, provided the community with a statement on Friday, March 27th. His update included safety measures for the public to practice, as well as a statement of thanks to the community for the support being shown to NCMC.

More information can be found on North Caddo Medical Center’s website,

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