VIVIAN, LA — North Caddo Medical Center announces the construction of a Medical Arts Building. Groundbreaking for the project is scheduled for Monday, August 28th, marking the beginning of a new adventure for the center and its commitment to providing exceptional care for all.

The upcoming Medical Arts Building will replace the original medical clinic on Dr. John Haynes Drive. The building holds historical significance, as it has served as the medical hub for the community for many years. A fusion of preservation and modernization, the Medical Arts Building will see a comprehensive overhaul, including completely remodeling a portion of the old structure. At the same time, another section will undergo entirely new construction.

The new facility will house a range of essential services for the community. Notably, it will become the new location for Community RX, offering the convenience of a drive-through service accessible from Cypress Street. In addition, Vivian Dental will provide comprehensive dental care services, ensuring oral healthcare for insured and underinsured patients. A highlight of the project is including a dedicated Community Education/Events room, made possible by a $1 million grant awarded to North Caddo Medical Center. This versatile space will be utilized for staff training, meetings, and community events, addressing the growing demand for a suitable gathering venue.

North Caddo Medical Center recognizes the need to accommodate its expanding leadership team and directors, and the Education/Events room will serve as a hub for collaboration and development for their staff. Moreover, this multi-functional space will also be available for community use, aligning with the center’s commitment to engaging with and supporting its neighbors.

To enhance the overall layout, and allow a drive through option for the community, the Town of Vivian graciously vacated South Avenue, which runs in front of Community RX’s current location. This space will be transformed into parking, ensuring that convenience remains a top priority throughout development. Community RX’s valued customers can rest assured that services will continue without disruption.

The Medical Arts Building represents North Caddo Medical Center’s dedication to progressive healthcare solutions and its deep-rooted commitment to serving the community’s evolving needs. With this initiative, the center reaffirms its position as an example of area health and wellness.


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