North Caddo Medical Center celebrated the grand opening of their new facility in August of 2017, but there has been no rest since the project’s completion. NCMC continues their mission of providing exceptional care for all who are in need of their medical services. The locally owned hospital is now making plans to expand their radiology services as well as their emergency department. The initial building project came under budget, $1.6 million. This amount will be used to fund the project.

The NCMC Foundation, 501(c)3 organization, supports NCMC through funding of equipment which may not be on NCMC’s budget. The foundation has launched a capital campaign for an MRI unit to be housed at NCMC. The service offered to patients at this time is a mobile unit and is only available once a week. Though the foundation has pledged to donate the funds of an MRI unit, NCMC will provide the space which is not available in the newly constructed facility.

Renovations of a portion of the radiology department will make way for the MRI unit. The new construction will allow the relocation of the department’s mammogram, bone density unit, and ultrasound services. Dressing rooms for patients will also be available for patients receiving the radiology services.

Expanding the emergency department will include the addition of three rooms for patients with serious injury and emergent needs. The recent flu outbreak has given evidence as to the immediate need for added ER beds. These rooms were desired in the initial building project however, budget-minded precautions halted the idea for the preferred space.

NCMC looks forward to this new project and what it will mean to patient care. David Jones, CEO, commented “Under budget is not something you hear often during a construction project of this magnitude. However, we are excited this is the case for us and we can move forward with these plans at no additional cost than what was planned.”

NCMC’s expansion is in the beginning stages and does not have a project start date at this time.


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