North Caddo Medical Center Foundation, a 501(c) 3, nonprofit charity, will hold their Gala 2018 on July 21st at Sam’s Town Casino’s Magnolia Ballroom. The evening guests will be donned in cocktail attire while dancing, dining, and also enjoying the silent auction, fun photos and more! Gala 2018 will be held in the memory of Billie Vic Van Hoose, a founding member of the NCMC Foundation’s Board of Volunteers. Mrs. Van Hoose was a retired educator from Caddo Parish. During her retirement, she spent a great deal of time contributing to the missions of the hospital and foundation. She had abundant faith in the works done by the foundation and greatly enjoyed the Gala each year.

The NCMC Foundation raises funds to contribute to new services and equipment to North Caddo Medical Center. The rural hospital provides emergency, inpatient, preventative healthcare and more for the residents of northern Caddo Parish. NCMC is the only medical facility for more than 40 miles for some residents in the area. While some of the equipment provided by the foundation has been necessities, such as ambulances, others pieces of equipment are what most rural hospitals would consider a luxury with great comfort and benefits to the patients.  Emergency medicine at NCMC has benefited from intubation kits with video and flexible scopes, fast-track ultrasounds, and department specific neonatal monitors. Cancer screening equipment such as a mammogram unit and gastrointestinal screening scopes have also been provided for NCMC patients.

The NCMC Foundation is currently in the midst of a capital campaign to provide an in-house MRI for North Caddo Medical Center. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a noninvasive medical test that medical providers use to detect health conditions. MRI uses a dominant magnetic field, radio frequency pulses and a computer to yield thorough images of organs, soft tissues, bone and practically all other interior parts of one’s body.  MRIs are used for the detection of diagnosis throughout the body, as well in cases of trauma, strokes, inflammation of the spine, and many other health concerns. Having the unit full time in the facility would provide the resource for patients to ensure fast, diagnostic testing within the facility where they choose for care.

Ticket cost is $100 each and is available at the NCMC Foundation’s office. Contact Mary M. Coil, Executive Director, at (318)375-4025 or at

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