BOARD MEETING:  Regular Meeting   DATE:  January 22, 2019    MEMBERS PRESENT:  Robert T. Green, Jr., Mary Irvin, Kenneth Cochran, Ronnie Festavan, David Norman, Brenda Smith, Patricia White.      MEMBERS ABSENT: Kenneth Clay (arrived at 6:06 p.m.), Helen Godfrey-Smith (arrived at 5:35 p.m.). TIME CALLED TO ORDER:  5:30 p.m.   OTHERS PRESENT:  David Jones, CEO, Pam Hughes, COO, Dakota Robinson, CFO, Mary Coil, Foundation Executive Director/Marketing Director, Walter D. (Doug) White, Attorney, Lanell Audirsch, Admin. Asst.  LOCATION:  NCMC Events Center   BOARD CHAIR: Robert T. Green, Jr.     SECRETARY:  David Jones     I. CALLED TO ORDER – Robert T. Green, Jr., Chairman, called the meeting to order.   II. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance – Robert Green offered the Invocation.  David Jones led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.    III. Approval / Amend Agenda – Ronnie Festavan made a motion to approve the agenda. Pat White seconded the motion. The vote: Yeas: Robert T. Green, Jr., Mary Irvin, Kenneth Cochran, Ronnie Festavan, David Norman, Brenda Smith, Pat White.   Nays: None.   Absent: Kenneth Clay, Helen Godfrey-Smith.   Abstained: None.   The motion passed by unanimous vote.   IV. Community Comments – Robert T. Green, Jr., Chairperson noted there were no signed Visitor Recognition Cards requesting to address the Board.  V. Minutes – Regular Meeting December 18, 2018 –  The minutes of the Regular Meeting held December 18, 2018 were mailed prior to today’s meeting for review.    Robert Green stated he would entertain a motion to approve the minutes.  Mary Irvin made a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting held on December 18, 2018 as mailed.  Brenda Smith seconded the motion.  The vote: Yeas: Robert T. Green, Jr., Mary Irvin, Kenneth Cochran, Ronnie Festavan, David Norman, Brenda Smith, Pat White.   Nays: None.   Absent: Kenneth Clay, Helen Godfrey-Smith   Abstained: None.  The motion passed by unanimous vote in favor.  VI. Old Business – 1) Allscripts Interface Update: Allscripts Interface with Cerner, which was a couple of Board meetings ago, is still working. They gave us a three month time frame and typically it will take three months to get it done. Hopefully by the next Board meeting this will be done and we will remove it from the agenda.  2) New Server and License for Allscripts and IT Back-up Server Update:  The two servers we approved at the last Board meeting, those are in. Those have both been purchased. The back-up server that we are using is installed and running. The new server for the Allscripts program that we are running the Clinic on, we had to get a new server so we that we could then upgrade Allscripts, because our space limitations had pretty much shut us down. We have the server in but we have to wait for Allscripts to be able to dial in and actually follow up on the upgrade. One day they put it all on the system then they have to take the system down and bring it back up somewhere in mid-February. David Jones stated we are going to try to do it on a weekend whenever we don’t have patients in the clinic. Hopefully it will be as seamless as possible. He has never seen one of those go completely seamless but hopefully for the most part it will be done and taken care of. (Helen Godfrey-Smith arrived at 5:35 p.m.) Brenda Smith said she was sure there would be trial runs to make sure before you have real patients and real information to go in there. David Jones replied yes Ma’am but it is such a complex system that still could happen. He has seen many upgrades with Medi-Tech and he has never seen one of them be completely perfect. Robert Green recognized Brenda Smith to speak.  Brenda Smith asked who will be here to help alleviate those hiccups. David Jones replied, the IT staff will but, unfortunately, that is where Pam and Michele and the service managers at each of the clinic sites will be able to jump in and help. Most of our physicians are pretty tech savvy so you show them pretty quickly then they will respond back. He does not really see that something that the patients will be able to tell what is going. It will just be some internal headache going on behind the scene. It will be something else to talk about on Monday and everything else will work its way out. Brenda Smith said thank you.  Robert Green asked if there were any further questions for David Jones. There were none.    VII. 1) Review December 2018 Statistics – Dakota Robinson: Dakota Robinson, CFO, turning to the booklets, starting on the first page. Overall, it was a pretty good month for December. We were up almost 8% in admissions to 70. Swing Bed was down at 4. Typically what you see in December is obviously the holidays. If we look at In-Patient Days, even though admissions were up there were four less in-patient days so the stays were a little bit shorter; basically no change on that side. If we look at the Average Daily Census between Acute and Swing, it was almost exactly the same – 9.1 compared to 9. Endoscopies were up slightly to 13. Emergency Room visits were up 18% at 414. Hopefully that oddity of 349 we saw last month is just exactly that; an oddity. No reason that should not increase in the next month as well. Mammographies were down to 19 compared to 41. Newborns were at 8. Dr. Sharpe is hovering around that average of 8 a month. If you go to the Medical and Surgical visits for the Vivian Clinic, they saw 1,927 patients. If you look at on the year, there are more patients in the Vivian Clinic than there was this time last year. If we go to the Plain Dealing Clinic; almost exactly the same with 579 and then we see almost the same thing at Benton Clinic they saw 389 patients for the month of December. David Jones, noted to make sure everybody understands that there are two holidays in December so there are two clinic days that are basically dead even though we opened a few hours there. Still there are two holidays which is two whole clinic days that are taken out of the stats. You are talking about a significant amount of patients that it should be off.  Dakota continued looking at the Fitness Center; they had 400 members last month. The trend that we always see there, December is the lowest and January is typically the highest. We will see if that rings true with New Year Resolutions this year. That is the Statistical Analysis. Are there any questions. There were none.  2) Review December 2018 Financials –   Dakota Robinson, CFO, noted that he tried to add some page numbers. Once we get past the first page he will show you they are in the header. For the month of December on the Financials, they were very similar when you are looking at Statistics in a lot of departments. The big change was the UCC amount that we accrue each month. We revised that number up. When we look at that, know that it is accrued in this set of financials but it has not been received. Property Tax – we also did receive a check in January for that. That has been accrued this set of financials but it has not been received. We also discussed that Dr. Banda was out for the month of December. Going to the Balance Sheet, page #1, when he is referencing a page he tried to put it in the top right corner. On the Balance Sheet, obviously the most important thing on here is Days Cash On Hand. It was right at 41. Obviously we will see this number increase for the month of January being that we received $444,000 in UCC and the Property Tax. So when we look at it, those amounts will be accrued on the Income Statement but remember they are not here in the Cash Balance because they hadn’t been received as of December. If you add the CD’s that we have listed on the first line – Cash Certificate of Deposit – you are at 52 days Cash on Hand with those CD’s.  Also he did want to point out that Willis Knighton did issue a credit to us. We have Accounts Payable and part of that is a Willis Knighton bill.  Going to page 3 – The Income Statement – on the one month, almost $3.4 million in revenue compared to $3.3 this time last year. On the year, Net Patient Revenue is down slightly by 5.8% year-to-date. I believe there is a reason behind that. Remembering this time last year we had Lester, Miller and Wells to prepare an Interim Cost Report that was because we thought we were being paid too much based on our increased patient volumes. We’ve seen patient numbers come down from what they were based on the last cost report. I think we are in a possible situation where contractual adjustments are too high. I believe they are around 58% year-to-date right now. I would expect them to be 52-53%. Salaries and Wages – that is an important factor. If we look at year-to-date we are still holding steady at the 4% increase. That will be something that we expect to see. If we look at Employee Benefits and Payroll Taxes – those are down are also down directly related to a decrease in the high claims from our insurance and if we go down to Other Direct Expense, there is a minimal difference – $447 difference in that category so that’s positive. If we look at the AR Days – the AR Days did increase. There are two main causes to that. The one, Mr. Jones talked about hiccups with EHR systems. We had a major hiccup with Cerner. We have cleared that up. It is one of those things that wasn’t an error on our fault. Cerner, when they updated community works, which is basically the domain that we are in, they update everybody in that domain. When they did that they had a problem on their end and it affected us and every other hospital in that domain. They fixed it and we have everything straight. That number should come down for January’s number. We have already talked about the UCC accrual and if we go down into the 340B Revenue; the 340B Revenue is up $157,000 over this time last year. That gave us a total profit of $229,850 and on the year – $419,207. So we are in a good position as of December 2018. Any questions on the Income Statement. There is a lot of information on that sheet. I want to be sure we don’t skip over anything. Ronnie Festavan asked if he was taking general questions or specific questions. Dakota replied either. Ronnie Festavan requested he go back to page 11 on the Financial Analysis and page 9 of the Financial Statement. Ronnie Festavan inquired if the 2019 profit of $390,205 on the Financial Analysis was supposed to match the Net Income on page 9 of the Financial Statement. Dakota Robinson replied yes. Dakota noted when he gives 2019 that is Fiscal Year on the financial documents which is July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. Ronnie Festavan said if he looks at page 9 which is referenced on that page and he goes to net income, he is seeing a profit of $390,205 but he is seeing $389,442. My question is that number supposed to match the number on the Financial Analysis. Helen Godfrey-Smith asked Ronnie Festavan if he is looking at the Vivian Clinic number. Ronnie Festavan replied yes. David Jones noted that it is off about $761. Ronnie Festavan said that is all he is asking and if there is an explanation for that, that’s is o.k. Are those two numbers synonymous? David Jones replied they are for the most part. There is a slight variation in Plain Dealing, Vivian and Benton, so Dakota there may be some kind of variation. Dakota apologized stated that the one he is looking at is on. He is a little confused. Ronnie Festavan asked if he is off. David Jones said no he is with him. Ronnie Festavan said he is not trying to make a big deal out of it I am just seeing two different numbers. I am just making sure my process is right. Dakota said he does not know how that occurred but the correct number is $390,205. David Jones stated that as he is accruing those, the numbers change and I assumed maybe we just printed a slight difference.  Dakota referred the Board to page 5 the One Month Revenue and Expense by Department. The main things that he wanted to point out is In-patient Routine Care. We’ve been seeing that number being a negative over the past few months. That has sort of stabilized and we have increased that department. The one that does point out Operating and Recovery is still better off than it was last year and we only had three surgeries. That is a bright shining thing that I like to point out because it is an asset to North Caddo Medical Center. We go down to the ER – ER revenue is up from November $20,000 and the patient count in there, we have already discussed in the Statistics, is up 65. Hopefully we can see that trend continue. Going to page #8 of the Financials, we will get to the Budget Comparison. On this Net Patient Revenue, one of those numbers that we have been discussing that has been down, is down about 9% from what we budgeted. Like I said, we are probably going to make up a good bit of that based on a cost report with the numbers that we are seeing. If we look at Total Expense we make back some of that because we are down from the budget 6.6% in total expense. That alleviates some of the pressure on this budget. Decrease expense when we have a decrease revenue. It would be a different conversation if those were flipped. The Operating Income and Loss from what we budgeted, by the time we take expenses into account, is a difference of $5,000; almost $6,000 through six months. You can’t get much closer on that. We go down to Non-operating Revenues – you can see that every category except Grant Revenue – Grant Revenue is the one where the UCC dollars have come in less than what they were in 2017 that we discuss each month. Each category is higher than it was in the previous year including Sales Tax. Moving to page 9 for the Vivian Clinic – this is the page that Mr. Festavan pointed out. I apologize for the difference. They did have $41,706 profit this month. The correct profit on the year is $390, 205. On page #10 – Plain Dealing Clinic – they had a profit of $7,294 and on the year it should be $34,112. The Benton Clinic – again remember the contractual adjustments was where we need to look on this for the Benton Clinic to turn around and begin making a profit and this month they had a profit of $25, 364 and on the year they made a profit of $39,343. Dakota stated once again, the statistics and financials look very similar except a few major changes on mainly some accruals for UCC dollars and Property Taxes but as of December 31st I believe that the Financial Statements look solid. Are there any questions on any of those slides? Do the page numbers help out? The unanimous reply was yes.  Robert Green, Chairman, asked if there were any other comments. There were none.  Pat White made a motion to accept the Statistical and Financial Reports as presented subject to audit. Ronnie Festavan seconded the motion. The vote:  Yeas: Robert T. Green, Jr., Mary Irvin, Kenneth Cochran, Ronnie Festavan, David Norman, Brenda Smith, Helen Godfrey-Smith, Pat White.  Nays: None.  Absent: Kenneth Clay.   Abstained: None.  The motion passed by unanimous vote in favor.   VIII. New Business – None.   David Jones stated there is none but there will definitely will be some for next month. We had planned on possibly putting in one but we could not get the information in timely to talk to the Finance Committee and it is certainly is something that needs to go through the Finance Committee before it comes to the Board. There will be something next month.   IX. Administrative Reports – 1) Customer Satisfaction Statistical Report: David Jones stated that Customer Satisfaction was discussed during our Board Retreat. One of the things that we were to discuss the first part of this year was to get some results from a Customer Satisfaction tool that we wanted to put in place. We put that in place. There was some issues with the compilation of the data that I will let Mary Coil go into a little bit more. Mary Coil stated just a little update. We have been working with IT on the different numbers. We did have some issues with the numbers we are pulling are the samples for patients that we are pulling for each out-patient area and I believe we have all those corrected. It will be past the first month of the quarter because they are just now this month contacting our December patients because we upload the December patients in January and they will probably take their 15 to 30 days to compile the actual quarterly report as well. I have been in communication with them they have been saying positive things about the samples that they have reached and we are re-submitting the numbers that were missed originally for October and November due to trial and error on that side and now we have that fixed up. We should know more in the next couple of months.  2) NCMC Current Activity: David Jones said there were a couple of things to discuss. You should have gotten in your packet a list of upcoming educational events.  He asked Mary Irvin if she would like to discuss. Mary Irvin stated that now that it is January and the summer will be upon us soon, we wanted to encourage Board members to peruse the information that Mr. Jones put together for us about educational opportunities involving upcoming conferences. A lot of Board members do attend these throughout multiple hospitals, you will not be the only Board members in the room. He knows that Mrs. Helen and Mrs. Irvin can speak on the LHA conference. Typically quite a few Board members go that one as well. Kenneth Cochran asked Mr. Jones if he is going to look at some of those and kind of pinpoint the ones that you think we might get the most from. David Jones replied that those four listed are the ones he thinks certainly are good. He checked the agendas and looked at the agendas and it would be ones he would personally attend. He can’t go to all of those, but if he could he would. He certainly thinks they would be worthwhile. If one of you wanted to attend one of those. Everybody’s schedule is different and you have to make up your own mind whether to sacrifice and do something like that or not. Helen Godfrey-Smith stated we would like to work with you so we could make sure that as we look at our budget for next year that make sure that it is going to fit within the budget and the funds are fairly distributed among the Board members. Robert Green said it is something we knew that we should have been doing, going and getting educated. (Kenneth Clay arrived at 6:06 p.m.) If we are going to spend our money on going, when you go you need to go to the classes. Not in this organization, but he experienced an organization where some used it as a vacation. It is something we are looking at and definitely want to make sure we use for the purpose for which we are spending the money and that is to get the education then come back and report what you learned to the Board and I think it would be good for the Board to get an education. We will have some rules and regulations in place for the guidelines. Helen Godfrey-Smith asked Mr. Jones are there local things that go on within the hospital or community that we could take advantage of. David Jones replied there are on occasion but they are fairly rare. There are webinars that LHA puts through and LDH has quite often too. We could get a list and they are typically during the week and during the day so sometimes they tough to attend. You can attend them at your home or if you have a pc access. Some of those are typically educational for staff members, but some of them are worthwhile for Board members to view as well. Kenneth Cochran said obviously some of these you send Department Heads to. David Jones replied a lot of those webinars, Department Heads attend multiples throughout the year.   David Jones stated it is really time to start talking about Board Retreat 2019. We talked about last year about doing something local this year so we can add physicians as opposed to just the Chief of Staff and/or Department Heads, into the Strategic Planning. Plus we talked about it briefly at the agenda setting, if we would do it a little bit earlier it would help incorporate it into the budget process for the coming year. It is something we probably need to do going forward and doing this thing the way we should structurally. April is kind of the month if we could get it done; early April – somewhere in there if the Board could start looking at dates. Helen Godfrey-Smith if we are thinking about 2019 – David Jones replied yes Ma’am. Helen Godfrey-Smith said we want to come back to March more than going forward from April. Brenda Smith said April was fine she was just stating during the week day it would be hard. David Jones stated he is at the Board’s leisure on that.  Mary Irvin said you did say we could come back to the Board with three dates and bring our calendars and see what we come up with at the next Board meeting. Is that enough time?  Mrs. Helen. Helen Godfrey-Smith replied yes, definitely. She said the next Board meeting is toward the end of February. This might be something we could do online so we could get the date and place. That is what we really want to get nailed down would be the date and place. When you start talking about speakers – the really good ones, a month and one half is not a lot of time; even now. Mary Irvin said so we are going to email some options to look at. Robert Green asked Mary Irvin when you say we, you are speaking of? Mary Irvin replied Mrs. Helen Godfrey-Smith, herself and anyone else that would like to help. He just wants to leave here knowing who is responsible for getting those dates out. Helen Godfrey-Smith will lead us out and she, Mary Irvin will help. This will be done before the end of the month.  4) Foundation: Mary Coil said she has just a few things. She wanted to let the Board know that the Foundation has elected a new Chairperson. Todd Hopkins has served as Chair for the last couple of years. He is still on the Foundation Board but he has just moved to a new seat. Moving into the Chair position is Missy Moore and the Vice-Chair is Crystal Wooldridge. We are excited about that. Also, Board changes, the Foundation Board can serve two terms of three years each. They serve a complete term of six years. Courtney Tyson just termed out of the Foundation Board. We are really proud of her and really thankful for everything she did. She was truly an asset from day one. I told her not to get too far because she will still be calling her. If you see her be sure to tell her that we don’t expect her to be a stranger. She will be around. We have exciting things for 2019. We had a meeting today at a venue that we are looking at doing an event in. This Chair and Vice-Chair are real hands on; creativity is just through the roof. They have all kinds of ideas for really changing everything up as to how we do and how we have done things in the past; a different look and a different atmosphere. We are actually going to have another meeting before we propose it to our Foundation Board and I look forward being able to fill everyone in as details come to light on that as well. Just a little bit about what is going on. For Marketing it was discussed last month about doing an ad; about putting something in the paper from the Board of Directors about the audit and about different highlights and different accolades that the hospital has accomplished. She put a draft together for the Board that she distributed to them. Is there more than that; yes absolutely, but she didn’t want to crowed it too much or make it too detailed because that raises more questions that could become confusing or overwhelmed. If the Board would like us to move forward with this, publicizing this from you, she would be more than happy to do so. Mary said she has written and erased it several times. Mary said she can get something for them. Helen Godfrey-Smith said it might be good to let somebody read it and edit it. Start with a blank sheet of paper sometimes it is difficult but once you get something on the paper it is easy to fix it. Ronnie Festavan said he totally agrees with what you said. He thinks it says something, the reason you go through this exercise is to put our eyes on it also. He loves eyes on this work also, but he has to agree with what everyone said. He is not sure what it says, it says something and he thinks it is benign. He thinks it is good in one way, but he don’t think it captures, for him, what he wanted in this area. You are a word smith and he understands that. Would you be open to some emails to you with some thoughts? Mary Irvin is very sharp at this; Mrs. Helen is very sharp and he is sure all here are. He has a couple of ideas in his head that may be terrible but they will be terrible between you and I. Mary Coil said that would be absolutely fine. This is like Brother Green said, this is from the Board. Ronnie Festavan said he would invite verbiage from the Board members and maybe a blend of several. He just wanted a little bit more of celebration of that fact myself. Kenneth Cochran said just remember how we felt we finally made the vote. That makes it exciting. Helen Godfrey-Smith said and from a brand standpoint we want to give the public the impression that we are progressive and doing and taking positive steps here. I think that is a very positive step. Ronnie Festavan said and your suggestion of somewhat of an explanation of our work, our task, that it is we felt it was a very beneficial move to have our CEO employed by our hospital. Who could argue that? Even our most vehement naysayer, who could argue that it is not a good idea. That is my spin on it, obviously, that I now have a CEO that works for us that comes under our evaluation umbrella. Those type of things. Who could argue with that? I like that and I wish I could put that in four words. I’m going to send you some emails so please do not forward them to anyone. Mary Coil said send me your thoughts. Kenneth Cochran asked for her email address. The Board thanked Mary. Mary Irvin said isn’t it great that we have things to celebrate. Robert Green said yes – that is progress.   4) Construction Update:  David Jones stated that they have begun. They have taken out all the concrete there by the entrance. He provided a slide of the construction progress. They have actually started taking off the brick on the left and they said initially that they will probably be done with that tomorrow at the level of where they are going to start attaching the rest of the building. They have a September completion date that they are extremely confident that they are going to hit. Hopefully this is one of those things that we will blink and this will be done and we will go forward. It is interesting, from a staff standpoint, that it has not been too long, they were used to all of the bangs and the building shaking, but today they didn’t miss a step they just kept working. Kudos to the clinic staff and everybody that had to deal with that noise today. This project should go quickly. At the next Board meeting there may be some significant visual things to talk about. Brenda Smith said there was a lot of room out there. David Jones said that is why the architects stuck the little aesthetics out there to break up the amount of concrete. It will be less once this is encompassed. Brenda Smith asked if there has been any thought on the parking issue back there. David Jones said once it is done, it will create more parking along the end where the MRI is now.  It is pretty much the same distance you are just going around a corner instead of going straight to it. Brenda Smith said there was very seldom an empty spot back there and there are times that people need to go in quickly.  X. Medical Staff Report – 1) Recommendations – Dakota Robinson: MEDICAL STAFF APPOINTMENTS: Dakota Robinson presented the Medical Staff recommendations for the Governing Board approval: 1) Rafik Ben Abda, M.D. – Requests Provisional Privileges in the field of Radiology for the period of January 22, 2019 through January 31, 2020.  MEDICAL STAFF REAPPOINTMENT:  1) Christina Cavazos, M.D. – Request Courtesy Privileges in the field of Radiology for the period of January 22, 2019 through January 31, 2021.   2) Fleurette Abreo, M.D. Request Courtesy Privileges in the field of Pathology for the period of January 22, 2019 through January 31, 2021.   3) Heather Bracey, M.D. – Requests Courtesy Privileges in the field of Radiology for the period of January 22, 2019 through March 31, 2020.   4) Jaime Salvatore, M.D. – Requests Courtesy Privileges in the field of Radiology for the period of January 22, 2019 through August 31, 2021.   5) Walker May, M.D. – Requests Active Privileges in the field of Family Medicine for the period of January 22, 2019 through January 31, 2021.   6) Kirtesh Patel, M.D. – Request Courtesy Privileges in the field of Pathology for the period of January 22, 2019 through January 31, 2021.   7) Donald Majeste, M.D. – Request Courtesy Privileges in the field of Radiology for the period of January 22, 2019 through August 31, 2021.   8) Michael Banda, M.D. – Requests Active Privileges in the field of General Surgery for the period of  January 22, 2019 through January 31, 2021. ADVANCE PRACTICE PROFESSIONALS APPOINTMENTS/REAPPOINTMENT:   1) Pamela Hall, CST Request Advanced Practice Privileges in the field of Surgical Tech for the period of January 22, 2019 through January 31, 2021.     EXTENSION REQUEST:  None.    VOLUNTARY RESIGNATIONS:  None.   Brenda Smith made a motion to accept the Medical Staff Appointments, Reappointments, and Advance Practice Professionals Reappointment. Kenneth Clay seconded the motion. The vote: Yeas: Robert T. Green, Jr., Mary Irvin, Kenneth Clay, Kenneth Cochran, Ronnie Festavan, David Norman, Brenda Smith, Helen Godfrey-Smith, Pat White.  Nays: None.  Absent: None.   Abstained: None.  The motion passed by unanimous vote in favor.  2) Chief of Staff Comments:  David Jones noted that the Chief Staff was working in the Emergency Room right now and he is unable to attend.     XI. Executive Session:  Robert Green stated he would entertain a motion to enter into Executive Session for Strategic Planning.  Ronnie Festavan made a motion to enter into Executive Session for Strategic Planning. Mary Irvin seconded the motion. The vote: Yeas: Robert T. Green, Jr., Mary Irvin, Kenneth Clay, Kenneth Cochran, Ronnie Festavan, David Norman, Brenda Smith, Helen Godfrey-Smith, Pat White.  Nays: None.  Absent: None.   Abstained: None.  The motion passed by unanimous vote in favor.   Robert Green noted there will be a brief break prior to entering into Executive Session. The Executive Session was entered into.   No action was taken during the Executive Session.      Ronnie Festavan made a motion to enter back into regular session.    Kenneth Cochran seconded the motion.   The vote: Yeas: Robert T. Green, Jr., Mary Irvin, Kenneth Clay, Kenneth Cochran, Ronnie Festavan, David Norman, Brenda Smith, Helen Godfrey-Smith, Pat White.  Nays: None.  Absent: None.   Abstained: None.  The motion passed by unanimous vote in favor.    Mary Irvin made a motion to accept the Finance Committee’s recommendation for the CEO’s performance incentive.  The second was by all Board members. The vote: Yeas: Robert T. Green, Jr., Mary Irvin, Kenneth Clay, Kenneth Cochran, Ronnie Festavan, David Norman, Brenda Smith, Helen Godfrey-Smith, Pat White.  Nays: None.  Absent: None.   Abstained: None.  The motion passed by unanimous vote in favor.   XII. Adjourn:  There being no further business Kenneth Clay made a motion to adjourn. Pat White seconded the motion. The vote: Yeas: Robert T. Green, Jr., Mary Irvin, Kenneth Clay, Kenneth Cochran, Ronnie Festavan, David Norman, Brenda Smith, Helen Godfrey-Smith, Pat White.  Nays: None.  Absent: None.   Abstained: None.  The motion carried by unanimous vote. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.



North Caddo Medical Center

Vivian, Louisiana




David C. Jones, Secretary


Approved by the Board of Directors at the regular meeting held February 26, 2019