BOARD MEETING:  Special Meeting       Date:  April 7, 2020     Members Present: Mary Irvin, Kenneth Cochran, Robert T. Green, Jr., Ronnie Festavan, Brenda Smith, Helen Godfrey-Smith, Pat White     Members Absent: Kenneth Clay, David Norman   OTHERS PRESENT:  David Jones, Dakota Robinson   BOARD CHAIR: Mary Irvin   SECRETARY:  David Jones    TIME CALLED TO ORDER:   2:30 p.m.           LOCATION:   Via Teleconference – Conference ID 466844841      I. Called to Order:  Mary Irvin – Chairperson called the meeting to order.   II. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance:   Kenneth Cochran offered the Invocation. Brenda Smith read a scripture from Psalms 52:8. David writing – “I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever.” She commented about the scripture that olive trees are evergreens no matter what the season is and are representative of the oil of the olive, being an illuminating oil. As I began to look at this morning, I am like a green olive tree, a very choice tree, a very fruitful tree whose leaves and branches are the absolute symbol of peace. As I began to think of all the essential workers who have to be out working and all of us nonessential people who are staying at home I believe we need to go forth like we are a green olive tree, a flourishing tree, established in the house of God and go forth with peace and take that olive branch of peace with you. It says that “for I trust in the mercy of God. That is present tense. I’ve done it and it works and then it says “I will trust him forever and ever.” That is future tense. I will always trust him, I always have. So all of us workers go forth today, whoever you meet or whoever you come in contact with take that olive branch of peace and be like that green olive tree planted in the house of God. Mary Irvin thanked Brenda Smith. Mary Irvin stated we will now follow that with our pledge to our wonderful nation.  Helen Godfrey Smith led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.  III. Community Comments – Mary Irvin stated if there were any public comments if there was anyone that was signed in to this meeting that would like to be recognized. Mary Irvin noted that this is a public meeting and the public has access to dial in. We will stay true to our agenda which is one item and refrain to any confidential information. Helen Godfrey-Smith asked the Chair, Mary Irvin, could we ask if there are any constituents on the line to identify themselves for the record if they would. Mary Irvin stated yes Ma’am and thank you. Mary Irvin asked if anyone is on the line please identify yourself and we will place you in order to be recognized. Is there anyone there? There was no response. IV. Resolution #2 -2020 Approving Borrowing Through the Payroll Protection Act. Mary Irvin recognized David Jones. David Jones stated we appreciate the Board getting together at the last minute and doing this. In light of the urgency, the Finance Committee called a meeting yesterday and reviewed the processes and we looked at the Bond Commission process for this emergency approval. We went through the necessities from the Finance Committee. Discussion followed.  David Jones stated that he will read the resolution and said he would skip some of the verbiage.  Resolution authorizing the issuance of not exceeding of $2,745,900 of revenue notes in one or more series of North Caddo Hospital Service District of the Parish of Caddo, State of Louisiana, making application to the State Bond Commission in North Caddo Hospital Service District for approval in providing for the sale and certain terms of said revenue notes and providing for other matters in connection therewith. David Jones stated that is the summary of the four page resolution that follows. We are just looking for a motion and a second. Mary Irvin stated in order for us to make a voice vote in this forum, we are going to start with Brother Green, and work our way around what would be the table if we were all together in the Board room. That would be Brother Green, Mr. Norman, Mrs. Pat, Mr. Clay, Mr. Festavan, myself, Brenda Smith, Mrs. Helen Godfrey-Smith. Am I correct that Mr. Norman is not on and Mr. Clay is not on? O.K. Helen Godfrey Smith made a motion to approve the Payroll Protection Act loan for $2,745, 900.00, the resolution authorizing us to move ahead with that application. Brenda Smith seconded the motion. Mary Irvin stated if there are no further questions or discussion we will now have a verbal vote for or against. Robert Green – Yes; David Norman – Absent; Pat White – Yes; Kenneth Clay – Absent; Ronnie Festavan – Yes; Mary Irvin – Yes; Brenda Smith – Yes; Kenneth Cochran – Yes.  Nay: None.  Abstains: None.  The motion passed by unanimous vote in favor of approving the Resolution #2 -2020 approving the payroll Protection Act loan. Mary Irvin stated that was our matter of business and I just want to say on behalf of myself thank you to each of you for being willing to meet with us today and help us through this process and I know that it has been said how thankful we are for our leadership at North Caddo Medical Center and I know that our prayers are with them. Helen Godfrey Smith will close us out and we will adjourn.  Helen Godfrey-Smith thanked Mary Irvin, Chair, for this opportunity. Mary asked me to say some encouraging words and I will be very brief. Mary Irvin thanked everyone. The meeting adjourned.


North Caddo Hospital Service District

North Caddo Medical Center

Vivian, Louisiana





David C. Jones, Secretary

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