NCMC Foundation

Board of Volunteers

Missy Moore (Chair-woman), Crystal Wooldridge (Vice Chair), Stacy Alexander, Angie Byerley, Edie Festavan, Valerie Hoogland, Todd Hopkins, Jamie LaCaze.

Mary M. Coil, Executive Director
P.O. BOX 792, Vivian, LA 71082



We are thankful for donations designated as memorial gifts for loved ones. We honor all involved by the works we do through our foundation and NCMC. If you would like to donate in someone’s memory, please provide mailing address so we may notify the family of their loved one’s memorial.

Gifts to Honor Friends & Family

Honoring your friends and family with a gift to NCMC Foundation is a meaningful gift to give and receive. If you would like to donate in someone’s honor, please provide the occasion for gift (if you would like) and the honoree’s mailing address so they may be notified of their recognition and your kindness.

Equipment,  Services, & Comforts

Because of your donations, and support, we have been able to provide many opportunities for our patients.

Below are only some of the projects you have brought to our Rural Hospital and Clinics.