To the North Caddo Community:

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has left everyone in a state of unease. All parts of Caddo and Bossier parishes, along with every surrounding parish and county, have confirmed positive patients in them. Unfortunately, our community has not been immune to the spread of the virus. Praise God, to this point, we have had no seriously ill patients that are COVID-19 positive. It does look, however, based off data given to us by the state and federal government, that it is only a matter of when and not if that will occur at North Caddo Medical Center. The staff at NCMC is prepared to do everything possible for the people in the community that will need us during this crisis and beyond.

We know there is need for information to help with multiple levels of this outbreak. To that end, we will start increasing the amount of information we are posting on our website and Facebook page. I welcome everyone who can access this information to share it as much as possible. The state and federal government, along with the CDC, has come up with guidelines on what we should be doing during this crisis. The hard part of this outbreak is that nobody knows just how many people are positive that have little to no symptoms at all. That is why limiting contact with others, washing your hands frequently and limiting the amount of times that you touch your face are so vital during this time of crisis. Remember, that if you start feeling sick, and you would like to see a doctor, we are here for you. Even though there is no confirmed treatment at this time, symptoms can be treated and that may help you start feeling better faster. The truth is that most of the people infected will get over this illness, which is looking to be very similar to the flu. Please, if you are experiencing symptoms, do your part and distance yourself as much as you can from others.

I also want to take a second to say a very big THANK YOU to people in our community and beyond that have donated their time and supplies to us during the COVID-19 crisis. This list is growing but for now businesses like our local Walmart, the Super Walmart in Blanchard, Supervalu and Burton Oil and Gas have donated things or helped us to get stock cleaning supplies that will be vital during this time. Our local schools have been a Godsend as well. North Caddo Magnet High, North Caddo Elementary and Middle and Herndon Magnet Schools have all stepped up and donated supplies as well. Our local Pizza Hut, Subway, and Fitness King Nutrition have donated an awesome meal and teas to our employees to help keep our spirits up. New Beginnings and Fox Creek Inc sent floral arrangements to the staff that came at just the right time. Give me 3 even gave our Benton clinic customized gifts that put a huge smile on their faces. There have also been several individuals in our community that have volunteered to help make homemade masks for our employees to wear. To each of you, if you have every wondered if God has used you in a positive way lately, trust me that He just did.

Please continue to pray for us, our community, our nation and everyone on the planet as we fight through this crisis. God will see us through.

David C. Jones, CEO

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