COVID-19 antibody testing is one of the latest developments in the COVID crisis. The test determines if antibodies are present in the blood specific to the COVID-19 virus. Antibodies can indicate if a person has previously been infected with COVID-19, even if they did not have any symptoms.

North Caddo Medical Center is offering COVID-19 antibody testing in the family practice clinics. All NCMC Clinics are offering the exam and testing. Their Benton and Plain Dealing Clinics will send the specimens to the medical center’s laboratory, where the testing is performed. The test is done by a blood draw and results are given during an office visit.

The Clinics are accepting new patients, serving anyone who is interested in having the test for themselves, and/or their family. North Caddo Medical Center accepts all insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid. There is no out of pocket cost for insured or uninsured patients seeking healthcare for COVID related visits, including the antibody test.

The public can contact the NCMC Family Practice Clinic closest to their location.

Vivian – 318-375-3239, Plain Dealing – 318-326-7272, Benton – 318-965-5017

For more information visit

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