North Caddo Medical Center employees give to fellow employees this Christmas season –

NCMC Christmas Blessings came about after the news of an employee who had a medical emergency. The medical event would affect his/her family this Christmas, as well as the months to come. NCMC employees wanted to help. Knowing the need could be greater than one employee, a Christmas Blessings committee was formed.

The next week, 9 NCMC families were presented to the committee. Next came 175 tags that were made to include information for one item per tag. The tags were available with shoe, shirt, and pant sizes, as well as needs and wants. The tags were hung on a tree to be viewed and chosen by employees who wanted to contribute. NCMC employees came to the Blessings Tree in droves, with great excitement, to choose their child. The tags were swooped up quickly, leaving few essentials to purchase.

Christmas cheer was in the air. Not only for the receivers, but the givers. Oil City Rotary Club and Lofton Trucking Co. heard about NCMC’s Christmas Blessings and showed up with their own donations to contribute.

NCMC families, 28 children and 2 adults, will have something extra this season because of a work family who loves big! These employees are trained to take care of others, but this Christmas season they also took care of their own. Blessings were bountiful indeed Friday as the gifts were delivered to the families. Tears, hugs, and thanks were widespread

as the committee handed over the bags filled with gifts. “We came here today to bless some of our own who had needs this Christmas, but we walked away being the ones who were blessed,” said David Jones, NCMC CEO.

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